Denard Span Celebrates 10 Years in MLB!

Join us this Summer to raise $10,000 in Celebration of Denard’s 10 Years in MLB. During the month of June & July we are looking for 1,000 supporters to donate only $10.00. Those who donate $100 or more will receive a Denard Span Foundation T-Shirt. Best part, helping DSF raise $10,000 will bless a single parent family with a car. Yes, a car!

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Donations Received

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve and empower single parent homes. We are dedicated to creating strong sustainable home environments where both parents and children can thrive physically, emotionally, financially, and spiritually.

Our Vision

Our vision is to see communities where all single parent families are provided the resources and encouragement to build and sustain strong families.

Our Programs


Ferman Tampa Bay Partnership

Help us give a family the opportunity to afford a reliable vehicle. DSF is raising support to help fund a healthy down payment on a new car or to keep lease payments affordable.


Food to the Table

Help bring food to the table for a family in need. We are seeking support monetarily and collect gift cards to any local grocery in Tampa Bay.


Hope for the Future

Providing hope for our future generation. We want to help rise up our next generation by giving them a better chance of good education.

We are your extended family


Span Fans

The Span Fans tradition is back, and we started in Tampa Bay! While playing for the Tampa Bay Rays, we partnered up with the Rays to give a single parent family and child a day inside MLB with Denard Span. Select candidates experienced tickets to a Rays baseball home game, on field passes to meet and spend time with Denard before the game, and more. 

NOW, Denard is with the Seattle Mariners. Stay tuned on Span Fans coming to Seattle!


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